Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aug 6th Killarney

 Herbert's Fisheries they have fish and chips cooked and sold out of an old bus.
 These boats across the way have front row seats for the movie.
 And the End of another wonderful day in beautiful Can a da
Today we again traveled the outside as to make up some time.  We are at the Sportsmen Inn, We seemed to have caught up with some loopers by traveling the cargo route, there are 5 other AGLCA boaters here now and yesterday 6 left so we are now back in a pack. (for now)  We walked around town, very small, had ice cream and bought a homemade pie.  This marina does something I have not seen written up anywhere, not in any blogs or cruisers guides.  They have an outdoor screen across the channel and play movies,  Its a Cruise In Theater, we sat on the upper helm tuned in the radio and there you have it! Very cool.

Tomorrow we will be anchoring out hopefully,  the weather for this evening was not suppose to be good, but so far its pretty nice here.  The North Channel has some of the best anchorages in Canada and some are said to be in the top 10 list in the world.

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