Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Current to Croker Island Anchorage to Gore Bay

August 7th

Things don't always pan out the way they are planned.  Due to weather we have passed up a couple of my MUST anchorages.  We spent a night in Little Current instead of Baie Fine very disappointing, especially when it turned out to be good weather for the anchorage there.  Little Current was an ok stop not alot happening there 1 restaurant, a very small down town area and an ice cream shop.  We were surprised to see we have caught up to a group of loopers who we thought were further ahead of us, there were 7 other looper boats there.

August 8th and 9th

We anchored out at Croker Island very nice anchorage with beautiful scenery and again we saw more looper boats in addition to the ones we saw in Little Current.  It seems we are back in the pack.  We wanted to spend another night at Fox Island anchorage but again the weather got the best of us, so we left and headed towards Gore Bay just a 17 mile trip.  It was nice to get some laundry done and take a long hot shower.  Two other Loopers came into Gore Bay after us, Crawdad and Grinan they too "chickened out" on an anchorage given the weather reports of high winds and thunderstorms.  The next day we had planned to head to Meldrum Bay but once again the weather held us in Gore Bay.  At least we really did get the weather (winds) as expected and we were very glad to be tied to a dock.  It has been extremely windy here today and a couple of other looper boats joined us at the marina.  We are all hoping to head out to Meldrum Bay and other points southwest from here.  For us at least, it looks like the end of any exploring of the North Channel on this trip, and we will work our way stateside when good weather allows,  Ashley will be flying out of Traverse City MI so we need to get her there.  We called the kennel to check up on Barkley and to extend his stay as well, since we are now almost a week behind what was anticipated for Ashleys stay with us.  Luckily, they have fallin in love with him and are more than happy to keep him an additional week.  Seems he has found himself a couple of girlfriends and has become quite the social animal, much to our surprise! 

 Not a great day heading in to Little Current to get tied down for some nasty weather
 Such a pretty day !

 Sailboats all tucked in for the night
 On anchor in the North Channel at Croker Bay
 Sunset at Croker anchorage
Sitting on the Dock of Gore Bay, waiting on better weather for tomorrow and fishing the night away.

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