Monday, April 22, 2013

Finally off to Myrtle Beach?

Yesterday Jim left Ma.heading back to SweetPea, and once again I am left behind.  As luck would have it 2 days before we were planning our trip back to the boat our realtor said an offer was coming in on the house and asked us to stay for a few more days.  On Friday the house went under contract, on Saturday Jim rented a car and Sunday he was gone, he should be back aboard by noon today.
He is on a mission, clean and air out the boat and move it to another slip, he will be back here again by Sunday.
The house was on the market for exactly 3 weeks and we now have just over 3 weeks to pack it all up!
So what now?  We still are not sure where we want to land NC, SC, GA or somewhere else?  Until then SweetPea will be our home, not a bad thing.
Our daughter Ashley is excited to be moving to Austin Texas and begin a new chapter in her life.  She may leave earlier than us once she works out her 2 week notice with her employers.
The times they are a changin, what do we do about an address for mail?  What do we do with all our stuff?  I guess it all goes into storage for now more thinning out needs to happen first, what to sell what to keep!  What about the dog?  Jim fears he will become shark food, I fear Jim will become shark food!
By the time all the dust settles we will be full time live aboards and no longer dirt dwellers?  I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since I have been on SweetPea more than a day or 2, time sure flys.
Times a tickin, stay tuned...........


Pam and Dave said...

Congratulations! Interestingly, Pam and I are about to put Drift Away in the hard in Florida to head to NY to build a little house in the mountains.

For mail, we use St. Brendan's Isle mail forwarding service. They give great service and the price is reasonable. We have them send our mail every couple of weeks.

If you're thinking about living aboard in Georgia, there are five you can live aboard legally, two in Savannah and three here in the Golden Isles. Hands down, the Golden Isles is the best.

Sweet Pea said...

Thanks a lot Dave I have known of this service but did not know the name of the company. I knew when I posted someone would send a link.

Bob and Denise said...

congrats guys. That sure was a fast deal. Wish our business would sell. Good luck in the future with everyone.

m/v Erika Lin said...

Holy smokes, that sure happened in a flash! Sure hope our CT house sells that quickly when we finally get it on the market. We will stay tuned and hopefully some time down the road we can get together again. We are heading north on May 5th, with a stop in Norfolk and then to the boat in Mystic by the 12th. Best of luck to you on packing, storing and getting your sea legs back!!
Bob and Lynda

joeap540 said...

Congrats on the sale of your house. We envy your ability to be able to move like that. We'd love to do the same thing, but all of our family is in MA and just can't leave. We sold Glory Days to a motivated buyer last Nov. and are now looking for a replacement so we can head south for the winter. All the best in your cruising plans.
Pat & Joe Apicella

Sweet Pea said...

Thanks lynda, Denise, and Joe and pat
Good luck Denise on selling the business we hope to see down in the Carolina's again soon.
Lynda and bob maybe we can get together on your trip south in the fall or in the winter.
Joe and Pat congrats on selling glory days and good luck on finding your new perfect boat.
Since allof you will be summering in New England enjoy! It's a great place to be for the summer. U fortunately we did it backasswards this year. though it seems as if NE is skipping spring this year. keep in touch !!!