Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finally home back aboard SweetPea!

The last week in Massachusetts, has been a busy one, actually the last 2 months have been busy but the great push hit us the sunday before last.  On my last post I had mentioned we found a home for our 12 year old cockerpoo Barkley well it was not the best fit (3 children was more than he could handle).  He is now in NH and what a lucky dog,  he's on a farm with another older dog, 7 cats, chickens and lots of room to run.  I doubt he will be bored there, and his new family have done cocker rescue and are happy to have a cocker in the home again.

We managed to get our house packed and loaded the night before the closing, quite a task to get a 1800sq ft house packed on a 17ft box truck.  Some major down sizing but we did it.  We closed at 4pm on a Tuesday Jim drove the truck and Ashley and I drove the Escape aptly named, as we headed south spending what was left of Tuesday in NJ together before splitting up into different directions.

Jims mission, to get the truck to Myrtle Beach and unload it into storage.  Ashley and I drove to Austin Tx nearly a 2000 mile trek, we arrived there 3 days later.  Ashley safely delivered into the arms of her boyfriend, I spent a couple days and then flew back to Jim aboard SweetPea in SC.

  Alot of changes in a short period of time for this family and we are now spread all over.

SO, there it is, mission complete, at least that part of it.  Now aboard the boat after nearly a year away, the cleaning and re organizing begins again.  At this point we are unsure as to what our plans are for boating this summer,  we will more than likely, stay in the Carolinas have some work done on the boat (maintenance and updating) and begin our search for our land based home.  But in boating, plans can change at a moments notice.

When Jim had met me at the airport he had rented a car for a week so we could tool around and get a better feel for the areas in which we thought we were most interested.  Well having a car was too good, since we sold our cars back in 2010.  So as Memorial Day weekend was upon us and the dealer ships had special pricing we bought a car!  Yes it is great to have wheels again.  We have seen more of The Myrtle Beach area in a week than we have in all our past visits put together.

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whew! You tired me out just reading this!