Friday, November 5, 2010

Day28 Beaufort NC to Wrightsville Beach NC

Brrrrrr I never knew 62 degrees could be so cold! When we started out this morning it was a brisk 53 degrees and cloudy later the sun came out and the temps rose but it didn't feel like it. We pulled into our slip at 4:45pm it felt much later. We are now in Wrightsville Beach NC and only 65miles or 1 day from Myrtle Beach SC. After such a long, cold, day it feels really good to be tied to a dock. Once in our slip the sun was shining and we could begin to shed our layers of clothes. Today was by far the prettiest as far as scenery, all the beautiful and colorful homes along the ICW, the dolphins playing in the water along the many boats heading south. It really is beautiful here, all the homes on the ICW with their long docks jetting out into the waterway facing the beautiful marsh lands and many creeks that face all the hotels and homes along the Alantic coast not far away. The only problem we find now we are traveling in the waterway, is all the small fishing boats and crabbers you must slow down for as to not wake them. There are so many that it really slows things down. Tomorrow, if weather permits, we may travel on the outside (Atlantic) to cut off some miles and move at a much faster pace. We are now anxious to get to MB and unwind, And the captain has been on HIGH alert for almost 4 weeks and is drained. A few rounds on the golf course should take care of that. We have a couple of old friends from Raynham that moved to MB almost 10 years ago we are looking forward to seeing and it gives Jim a partner or 2 to golf with. More later and pictures to follow.

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