Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tahiti Beach and more on Elbow Cay

We rented a golf cart packed our snorkel gear and headed out to Tahiti Beach for the morning, and what a perfect morning it was, we had the beach to ourselves.  We walked the beach looking for beach glass, shells and sea life.  No snorkeling though as it was low tide and and only about knee deep.  But it still was a wonderful morning at the beach.  We started back to the golf cart around noon and a good thing too as it started to drizzle and looked like the sky was about to open up.  We stopped at the Sea Spray marina for lunch and a cocktail.  Shortly after we got our lunch the skies opened up and it poured for a couple of hours we were under an outside bar and were (mostly) covered.  So we stayed for more cocktails and met some people from California and Florida on the island for a wedding, it was fun.  We made it back to Hopetown and in the dinghy when it started to rain once again, good thing we had our swimsuits on.  Here are some photos of the beach.

 Tahiti Beach is on the Sea of Abaco side of the island.

And here are some pictures of HopeTown as well........

This candy striped lighthouse was built in 1863 and still uses a kerosene fueled mantle and a huge rotating glass Fresnel lens to send a beam of light which can be seen for 20 miles. 

The town has picket fences and handmade signs everywhere.

Here are a couple of homes that have been renovated looks like home to me.

This is the channel coming into Hopetown, Jim is sitting on one of the many benches around town, all with great views.

 Another great view from the bench I have many more pictures but loading them on the blog is a project!  Tomorrow we will head to the beach on the Atlantic side of the island, I hope to update again tomorrow as we are planning to move over to Little Harbor on Friday morning and I am not sure about internet service there. 

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