Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hope Town , Elbow Cay how truly lucky we are

Hope Town is reminiscent of Old Cape Cod with its simple little homes build very similar to the cottages of the Cape small and fictional buildings with simple straight lines.  Though the cottages of the cape are typically shingled or clapboard and naturally weathered by salt spray from the sometimes harsh New England weather.  The homes of Hope Town are colorfully painted shades of yellow, blue, pink and green they too are weathered from the high winds and hurricanes which they must experience each year.
 The town is also similar in that the road are narrow, barely wide enough for small car or golf cart to fit down. As you venture off the main road are smaller streets, actually more sand paths or lanes that wander along with lots of green vegetation sloping overhead, picket fences lining the way and marking the small lots.
 Though on the Cape you will see many roses growing wild and hydrangeas blooming profusely in the summer, here, its bougainvillea arching up a fence or building and cascading down over the path, big beautiful hibiscus blooms in bright bold colors accented by lots of tropical foliage and the blooms of oleanders of which you see throughout the islands here as they are very tolerant of the hot dry weather.
  It really is quite picturesque with the small shops mixed in amongst the homes and the hand written and painted signs that point the direction in which the artist wants you to take as you follow along the picket fences lining the lanes.
 All along, there are wooden benches colorfully painted where you can just sit and take in the view of the Atlantic ocean or the Sea of Abaco with the hues of more blues and greens than you would ever imagine there could be.  And the next path takes you to the harbor view with all the boats moored with their flags floating in the breeze and the lighthouse dressed in its red and white stripes that is ever present at every turn. 
Yes, Hope Town is really quite a beautiful place, much like the Old Cape Cod of my childhood.  We are so truly lucky to have the opportunity to experience this wonderful place as it is today.

As I write this it is 10pm and the harbor is quiet only the sound of water gently splashing the side of the boat with millions of bright stars shinning in the dark night and the lighthouse keeping a look out over us shining even brighter.

Sorry not to have pictures I have been trying to upload them for 4 days with no luck, this is my feeble attempt to try and share Hope Town with you as best I can. 

The Land of Heart's Desire by John Chipman

 Did you ever go down on Old Cape Cod. That place that speaks of peace and God. Where the trees, and flowers and even grass. Nod you a welcome as you pass, Where you hear the waves pounding the shore, When the wind's nor' east and the storm clouds lower; Where you breathe in the smell of the old salt grass. As on the highway of God's country you pass. No place in the world shines the sun so bright. Or the moon when it's full on a summer's night. And the people "God bless them," that true do they ring they make you as welcome as the flowers in Spring. A hand clasp that thrills way down toes. Is the greeting one gets wherever he goes. Just to think of that place is to me. With its wonderful flowers and sky and sea. Like sweetest nectar, fit for a god. That I drink to the health of Old Cape Cod.


Pam and Dave said...

Beautiful lovely prose. No photos are needed.

m/v Erika Lin said...

I second Pam and Dave's comment. If I close my eyes, I can almost be there!

Bob and Lynda

Rick, Deb and Izzy aboard M/V Broulee said...

Love, Love Hope Town - Hey Bob and Lynda, catch you on the East Coast - nice blog Sweet Pea.