Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hopetown to Little Harbor

Jim looking out to the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic side of Hopetown
A beautiful church and the Atlantic Ocean is the view
This is the Castle in the Air, if you have read the books about a teacher from Indiana, Evan W Cottman who moved to the Out Islands of the Abacos in 1945 at age 45 and became the doctor.  He built this home on Marsh Harbor.  Quite an interesting story.
Sea turtles in Little Harbor these things were huge, the shells were 16x12 their heads were the size of a large fist.

The entrance to Little Harbor

Petes Pub is another must visit beach pub, they all have their own favor, some have dollar bills stapled to the walls,ceilings and what- not, others are known for sweeping views or activities they may have for boaters.  They all have their own speciality drinks which all include a mixture of rums. 
Petes Pub has one of the best drinks of all, not to fruity and a bit more rum.  Petes also has shirts stapled to the walls and ceilings that people write there names and or boat names on.  Jim gave up one of his most favorite tee's from our homeport and tacked it up in an open spot.  So if you go to Petes and see Jims shirt hanging in the rafters be sure to add your name if you don't want to give up one of your own.

Jim's shirt the orange one ...Obviously!

Where do we go from here?  We have now been in the Abacos for more than 4 weeks and have seen all we wanted too here for this trip.  We had originally planned 4-6 weeks and had planned on going to the Exumas, but, we feel in order to do the Exumas justice we would need more time, so we will save that trip for another time. According to this photo Block Island is 1059 miles from here, and Nantucket is 1200+ miles from here... as the crow flies.  Unfortunately it is more than 1800 miles the way we will be traveling!
So for us it is now time to turn the pointy end north and head home.  We are now in ManOWar Cay and are heading back to the West End of Grand Bahama Island to wait on a good day for a crossing back to the states, hopefully we will not have to wait too long for a weather window to cross.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Abaco Out Islands, the weather has been wonderful and the waters beautiful and the people pleasant but it is now time to move on.


Pam and Dave said...

The great migration north has already started. Every day, we see more and more boats pass by on the ICW here in Savannah.

Bob and Denise said...

Safe travels to you guys as you move north