Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back to where we began

Sunset at Great Sale Cay

This Hatteras 53 was purchased new in 1966 and after 46 years it is owned by the same person!  It logs a good many miles of cruising every year, aboard were 3 generations of family members.  Now that's a love affair!

We passed by New Plymouth once again on the way to Green Turtle Club its always nice to return to a place and be remembered.  When we went in for dinner all the wait staff were happy to see SweetPea has returned.  When you are on a boat you are remembered by your boat name.  But what was more incredible was when we got to West End on Grand Bahama Island we went to our assigned slip and the dock hand welcomed us back and then said, and your in the same slip as before.  Wow, he was right and that was 5 weeks ago.  Pretty amazing as this in a port of entry for check in so they are very very busy here.

This is the Bluff House side of Green Turtle I took this as we were leaving.   As I was taking the picture we got a call on the radio from Randy on Black Tickle, we were looking all over for him, he must see us and be nearby,  looking looking hm mm maybe he someplace in the Bluff House marina.  Silly me, look whose in the center in the photo.  Duh!

We are going to miss the Bahama Blues.

I took this photo of another boat while we were anchored at Great Sale Cay.   It  illustrates perfectly how 2 people can enjoy their own private time, in their own private space.  Even on a boat.  (click to enlarge)

Well we have gone full circle, and are now in the West End waiting for a good weather day to cross the Gulf stream and enter back into the states.  Right now it looks like it may be Monday.


extra said...

wow. incredible pictures. If I ever get to the Bahamas I think I would continue until I at least got to St Maarten just to watch the planes land over the beach. I've seen some amazing pictures of that online. Safe journeys. : o )

Anonymous said...

Some really great pictures! Mike and I are leaving Islamorada tomorrow (April 4) and will be crossing over on Thursday provided weather is good. So anxious to get to the Abacos! Wish you were still there!
Surely we'll see each other this fall. Keep in touch!

Mike says to tell Archie hi!

Mike and Twyla
Aboard NautiNell