Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gore Bay to Meldrum Bay and Drummond Island Back in the USA

Aug 10th

The winds calmed down and we all took off for Meldrum Bay the seas were much calmer than we had expected, so it was a nice day for travel.  About 4 hours later we docked in the Bay along with CrawDad and Grianan settled in for the night after dinner and on to Drummond in the morning.

Aug 11th

We are Back in the States good and bad.  Such mixed emotions,  on one hand its nice to go to a store and see the brands you are used too at prices you are use too.  But, time was just to short to really explore the North Channel the way we would have liked.  I would say with maybe 8-10 weeks time there would be nice, but to do that you must leave your boat here for the winter and get pulled .  Well maybe we can come back again someday.

The word was COLD!
Meldrum Bay
Leaving Meldrum Bay with CrawDad and Grinanan
Heading into Drummond (customs) were DreamCatcher, Jeramiah, SeaMoore, Grianan, Crawdad and SweetPea behind us was GloryDays, DockersInn and Gemini.

Homeland security, Passports please. 
Drummond Island road signs.
Party of 13, out to dinner back in the USA! 

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