Saturday, August 6, 2011

Parry Sound Aug 4th Byng Inlet Aug 5th

Aug 4th

As we set out today we had originally intended to stop in Parry Sound to pumpout and re provision what turned out to be a quick stop over took almost 3 hours.  After all was done the winds had picked up and we figured we would spend the night here. 

All the sea planes you see flying over to Henry's Fish Camp come out of Parry Sound, for $158 per person you fly to Henry's a roundabout 10 min flight which includes your meal and another roundabout flight back.  They do a very good business as we watched these planes take off and land all day and into the night.

Aug 5th

Today we traveled the outside route to Byng Inlet it was a great day for such a trip.  We are told that the scenery will have a dramatic change from here on up through to the North Channel, less cottages and a bit less boat traffic.  After we docked we met a couple who just started the loop from Parry Sound and another couple from Byng Inlet who are planning the loop starting in July 2012.  We had a nice chat and then hit the showers and out for dinner. 

Tomorrow we should be in the Killarney area, we have not made reservations as we are hoping to anchor out, weather permitting.

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