Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frying Pan Island Echo Bay Aug 2nd and 3rd

We are anchored in Echo Bay near Frying Pan island, less than a mile or so from Henry's Fish camp.  We had lunch at Henry's yesterday, MuddyWaters was leaving and BlueSkies was arriving when we left.  Best fish and chips, we had the pickerel which in the states we call walleye, yummy.
The fact that we are anchored is something we do not have alot of experience with, so its a big deal to us.  I really do enjoy being at anchor, though, anchoring here is not at all what we are use too in our limited experience.  We are in a smallish cove and there are 21 boats here, there are 3 of us swinging at the center and 18 others on the sides at anchor but tied to trees or rocks at the stern,  some are rafted with others, some by themselves.  It really is quite the site.  Boating here is very serious stuff in many ways,  we now wish we bought our Georgian Bay charts earlier to study them a bit but it is a crash course now.  No pun intended....   We knew it was going to be very rocky, narrow and shallow but WOW.  The boaters in this area know how to enjoy the short season for sure,  they really take advantage of the beautiful cruising grounds, taking off for weekends with friends and fellow dockmates, anchoring out in groups.  Boats rafted together 6 or more is also pretty common.  Lots of swimming and boat toys brought along with them inflatable rafts, lounges,etc, some very serious dinghy's for exploring as well.  We have all been enjoying swimming in freshwater especially Ashley.
Being from New England our cruising grounds are the ocean, though we to have beautiful destinations Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, all of the Cape and Newport RI. but  it is more about marinas than anchoring, and  more about visiting the quaint New England villages and Harbours then the serene natural beauty of nature. 
Well anyway, here we sit in this beautiful cove enjoying our new home for a couple days this was a planned anchorage before we even left the States and it is nice to be able to share it with our daughter but we were also hoping to have NautiNell here along with us.

 Here we are at Henry's Fish Camp you can get here by boat, by plane or by helicopter thats it!  Henry's has a heli pad, we didn't see anyone arrive that way but LOTS of boats and planes.

 Echo Bay anchorage
 Ashley enjoying the sun. water and a good book

Tomorrow we set out for a restock in Parry Sound then head out to Point Au Baril, we are planning on spending a couple of nights in Killarney before we continue on into the North Channel.

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