Monday, March 21, 2011

Engel USA customer service and a re-test

Well I will say customer service at Engel is prompt in contacting unhappy customers.  After sleeping on my unhappiness with the Engel cooler and posting on the Blog about it.  I decided I should give the company some benefit of doubt.  So this morning I e-mail Engel USA and within 10 mins I received a call from them.  They ask questions as to how I treated the beverages before placing them in the cooler and how I should prep the cooler prior to filling.  They then advised me on how to test for a proper seal as this may be a problem and the cooler should be performing better. 
Since I am home for a week,  when I return, I will test and do another review to my findings.  I will also do a repost.  In the end all I want is a cooler to still have some ice in it after 6 days,  as it is advertised to "keeps ice for 8-10 days" STAY TUNED!

FYI the picture of the cooler on the first post was the ice from the old cooler, the next day I drained the water and refilled the cooler (to the top) with fresh ice.  I say this I am e-mailing this to Engel USA to follow.

Update on Engel cooler and customer service July 4th,2011

Customer service

NONE so much for standing behind their product after doing the suggusted seal test on the Engel 123 a couple of weeks later I again contacted the company and told them the cooler was not performing as advertised "keeps ice for 8-10 days"  in fact it keeps ice for 4 days at BEST! 
Finally after threating them with the BBB I at least got a response.  I told them at this cooler was no better than the cooler I was replacing which was 10 years old and was 1/4 the price and I wanted my money back and an address label sent to my home so I could sent it back.  They said they would send a label and a box to ship it in.  All set, we were returning home for a short visit and hauled the cooler back with us in anticipation of recieving the box to ship the cooler back.  It never came and all my e-mails I got NO response.  After our visit back home we once again hauled the cooler back to the boat and are now STUCK with it.  on top of all this the hinge on the lid keeps slipping out and we need to knock it back into place about once a month. 
So there we are!  I DO NOT RECOMMEND ENGEL coolers and I would suggust if your looking for a high quality cooler to maybe try the YETI.  Or save your money buy a coleman or igloo and take the money saved and buy more ice.

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