Sunday, March 20, 2011

Update on the Engel Cooler FYI

Back in Feb. we broke down and purchased the Engel 123 cooler.  We said we would update to let everyone know if it lived up to the hype of " keeps ice for 8 days".  Though a very nice cooler well built etc. it keeps ice for 4 days just 1 day longer than our old igloo.  I have spoken with another person that has the yeti cooler and they have had similar results.  Cooler filled with beverages then iced (25 pounds) ice is good for 4 days, granted we are in the cooler thoughout the day but no the ice does not last for 8 days.
I thought I would update as someone asked how we made out.  I am comparing it to the Yeti as these are the 2 highest rated coolers.

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Bob and Denise said...

You need to forget about the cooler and get the engel refregerator/freezer. We love ours. Just to update you we are getting beat up by the bay. Yesterday was no fun getting to Deltaville, and today we bailed after 10 miles. It's rough, I want the smooth ICW.