Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sure doesn't feel like Spring! Brrrrrrr

We had originally planned to leave Ma. on Sunday but we still have things to do and since the boat will not be ready to splash for a few more days we decided to stay an extra day or 2. 
BTW it may be spring according to the calendar by its still COLD here in New England.  We have been here for10 days it has snowed twice!  That sure makes yard clean up more difficult, at least it melts by noon.
Today, we took a trip to Newport RI (20 min ride) as they have the largest West Marine in the country.  At least it was when it opened last year.  Big Sale and since West Marine bucks came in the mail why not, we were looking for a courtesy flag for Canada and a Quarantine Flag, to my amazement they had Cuba, Panama, Honduras and some others but NO Canada very odd.  We had lunch, walked around town window shopping, Jim bought some cigars and we headed out.  We were really surprised at the amount of people there, as it was a windy cold day.  But a trip to Newport is always fun.


Pam and Dave said...

Yep, 30 degrees here in CT. Newport is an awesome place, and I love working the boat show there, but I'm still surprised it was busy in the off season.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea:

I think Esperanza can provide you with a "Canadian" flag. We will be following your Blogg so keep up the goog work.

M&W Canada