Friday, April 1, 2011


Saturday morning we hop in our rent a car and head on back south to the boat.1200 miles, we should be there sometime Sunday. 
Certainly can't do that by boat!  But then why would you! 
We enjoyed our 2 weeks home, got ALOT done but we are now ready to return to Jacksonville.  We thought it would be spring here but our 2 weeks here it snowed 3 times.  YUK.... We are excited to get back and see the work that has been done to the boat in our absence.  We will have some pics on the next post.
On another note... when we left Massachusetts in Oct on our first marina stop (CT)  we met up with Denise and Bob Gomes on Liberty also AGLCA members,  we had been e-mailing back and forth as they were leaving RI around the same time.  We traveled south together but on somewhat different schedules.  Well Liberty made it back to RI this week,  congratulations Bob, Denise and Brady too, on your winter trip, it was a longtime goal for them to travel to the Keys and they did it!  However we will miss playing tag with you as we continue on.  Starting our journey together will be a memory I know we will always treasure.  Keep in touch!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea:
Did you know that another boat almost like yours is also named "Sweet Pea".

I beleve it is from Galveston, Texas. From their blogg I think they are dooing the loop also.

M&W from Esperanza