Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day, Farmers Market & what is that noise!

We lent a freedom fender out during high winds she is returning it along with a 12 pk if Sam Adams how nice.
Jim bought a new roller for the pulpit now it needs some beefing up so we can put on the new manson anchor and begin anchoring out.
Jim decided it would be best to add extra support by backing the pulpit up with aluminum so we are having plates made. measurements being taken here.
Our Valentines gift to each other. I have been eyeing this engel cooler for sometime we figure it should pay for itself in 6 months. Its suppose to keep ice for 7 to 10 days.
stocked and chilled I will let you know how long the ice lasts. The last cooler needed all fresh ice 2-3 times per week.
...... before..........sanded......2 coats of marine poly
almost like new

A trip to a Farmers Market is always a treat! Yesterday our friend Jerri and I went to the Jensen Beach farmers market, great deal there on fruits and veggies they also had herb plants and orchids which most of the FM in Florida seem to have. Something else you don't see up north is huge binds of oranges and grapefruits the size that pumpkins come in up north in the fall. We also made a trip to Publix (grocery store) to stock up. Its nice to have the marina shuttle for shopping but way better to have a friend with a car. It was very nice that Jerri invited me along, Thank You Jerri. Our next trip in a few days will be to Wallyworld haven't been there in months. Ahhh yes, sometimes its the little things.

Well its just after 8am and I have been up for nearly 5 hours ugh during the night (3am) I was woke up by this loud screeching noise figuring Jim had to hear it too I laid there until I couldn't take it anymore and went to investigate. The wind had picked up and the line had stretched so the stern was rubbing up against the piling, yes we are once again in a slip that is really too small for our boat. Since I couldn't tighten the line enough to get us off I threw another fender out. I couldn't sleep again after that and had to readjust the fender a couple more times during the night. How could Jim sleep through that? Hmmm it might have been the multiple bottles of wine he went through the night before. Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.


Ashley said...

Omg those chairs look sooooooo much better! Love the cooler. I hope it lasts a lot longer than the previous one.

Bob and Denise said...

It looks like you are getting very comfortable on your boat. Signs that you won't be a landlubbers anymore.