Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 19 and our last week in Stuart

Another beautiful sunset 
its an epidemic around here
Jerri and Pete

We woke up to a fog filled marina we have been extremely lucky as far as dealing with fog on travel days, glad today isn't a travel day. As you have seen by previous posts Jim has been very busy getting boat work done, all those projects that need to be completed for our trip back north. He is waiting on the Garmin HD radar which is promised to arrive here on Wed. so out with the old, which he removed from the boat yesterday.  The Garmin HD will overlay on the chart plotter or you can split screen it, removing the need for the big black box.
Craigslist has been very good to us, recycle recycle.  Jim posted the old radar and the old chart plotter on craigslist and in 24 hours they were sold!  That is how we sold our camper and the basstracker the week before we left home. And where we found our bikes and our dinghy.  Its a good thing!
We are loving it here in Stuart and almost hate to leave but 1 week from today we will move on,  but this time we will be heading north.  It just hasn't been the same without our friends Jerri and Pete though we miss them as they are off to Mexico for a family vacation.  Since we will be gone when they return we said our goodbyes and we all hope to meet up in Charlestown SC or somewhere else sometime soon.

Now our travel companions from New England Bob and Denise on Liberty(RI) are in Key West.  They made there dream destination and will be heading north at about the same time as us, we hope to have some travel time with them as we head north around the same time.  And Scott and Lane on Esperanza (Canada) are on their way to Miami as there final destination for awhile, we wish them well.  We all left New England at the same time.  It was fun playing catch up with each other for the last few months. 

Jim and I went to see the play Chicago at a local theatre here in Stuart, it was really good I enjoyed it as much as the shows we have seen in Boston.  And wayyyyyyy cheaper, we got great seats for $25 bucks each well worth it, they did a fine job.
That is about it for this week I probably will not post again until next week after we leave here.  Until then Jim and Dale.


Bob and Denise said...

I can't belive it's time to turn our boats around and head north. Bob and I are deciding if we will go to Fort Myers then across the Okechobee or just back on the East Coast. We hope to catch up to you guys somewhere

Anonymous said...

And we back home wait for your return to sit and listen to the stories of your travels for the past few months.... cant wait to hear...i might even cook a meal to hear those stories and also to see good friends faces again LUV & MISS YA BOTH