Monday, October 8, 2012

SweetPea heading south without me?

SweetPea left Westport MA on Friday Oct 5th, aboard is Capt Jim and the crew which includes Charlene and Terry Wiley who came aboard to help get SweetPea to Myrtle Beach.  We found Terry and Charlene via the AGLCA or did they find us?  They are from TN and flew up on Wed the 3rd and were very excited about the trip since they have no Atlantic Ocean experience and hope to do the Great Loop trip in the very near future.  Hopefully they will still want to do the trip after this adventure. 

Thus far they have spent a night in Milford CT a very nice town with alot to see and do with everything located directly off the dock.

Day 2 was on a mooring ball in Port Washington NY another wonderful stop though being the end of the season here and a quick overnight I don't think anyone went ashore.

Oh! I should say now that you may be a bit confused, I am, unfortunately, not aboard for this trip as I have some things to take care at home.  More about that later.

From Port Washington the next day was to Sandy Hook NY, there the hope was to hook up with a buddy boat for the trek down the NJ coast.  A few days before Jim left Westport we got an e-mail from our loop friends Gene and Ginny, they had brought their boat Free2B back to their home port (Orwell VT) for the summer and were planning to leave about the same time as Jim.   They were located about the same distance north from NYC harbor as SweetPea was east of NY.  Sure enough about an hour after Jim was docked in came Free2B, they will now travel together to Annapolis MD. 

This morning I heard from Jim and sure enough they are now heading from Sandy Hook NY to Cape May NJ. 

Sorry no picture today but when I get some sent to me I will add them, (unless Jim adds some himself, hint hint)

PS...... It was 37 degrees this morning here in Massachusetts brrrrrr!


m/v Erika Lin said...

Sorry to hear that you couldn't make the trip this time, but glad to hear that Jim is underway and traveling with good friends, Gene and Ginny. I'm sure the crew will be a big help to him and they should enjoy the trip down the ICW!
Bob and Lynda

Admiral C said...

Jim - be nice to your new crew. Don't teach them any of your bad habits! Safe travels!

Mike and Twyla
aboard NautiNell