Friday, September 14, 2012

On the home front

On my last post I said I would post in a month unless something exciting happens.  Well, its been more than a month and nothing exciting has happened.

But we have been very busy doing all those things you never WANT to do, and finishing off many projects on the house that have either sat uncompleted or never got started and pushed off for another day.  Well, another day has arrived and turned itself into nearly 3 months!

The yard is what Jim tackled first so to keep the neighbors from stoneing us.  Then the dumpster arrived amazing how much "stuff" there is,  a local charity made 3 trips with a pickup truck.  We hired a painter to paint he never showed up, so we thought there is no reason we can't do it!  UGH!  At one time I actually enjoyed painting not anymore, doing a room is one thing but 10?  Yesterday we finally broke down and hired another painter to complete the rest of the house so we can more on to other items on the to do list. driveway sealed, clean and open the spa, deck stained, new gate built, house power washed, landscaping, mulching, new light fixtures here and there, mini makeover on 2 bathrooms and on and on. 


Sadly SweetPea has been docked for 3 months the longest rest in 2 years,  Other than quick visits to make sure she is still floating no cruising has taken place we haven't even spent a night aboard since June.  If all goes well Jim will return to SweetPea and start on some maintenace he also is planning on replacing the batteries and doing some rewiring and on my last visit the dink was partially deflated so he needs to look into locating the leak.  We will also have a diver come in to clean the bottom and check the zincs again. 

It's  been a couple weeks since I wrote the above is an update to the draft

The house is done and will be on the market in next week, now Jim will be heading back to Sweetpea to do maintenace and get her ready to head south in the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately  I will not be able to  make the trip south to Myrle Beach so we are looking for someone to make the trip with him.  if you or someone you know may be interested in being  a crew member aboard Sweetpea for this trip you can contact me , it should take between 2-3 weeks.  The cost is just what it would cost you to get to and from the boat and spending money for food  etc.

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