Sunday, October 21, 2012

Myrtle Beach SC, 3 days out?

Those of you who follow our blog know that Jim has been heading south for the last couple of weeks from our homeport of Westport Massachusetts to Myrtle Beach SC. This area will become our NEW homeport.

 Unfortunately, I am updating this blog from long distance as Jim is traveling without me aboard.  We had placed and add on the AGLCA for crew to help with this journey south.  Terry and Charlene who are from Tennessee came to Westport MA to not only lend a hand but to experience what life on the water is like especially on the BIG water, as their experience has mainly been on somewhat smaller boats and mostly on the rivers system of TN.  They hope to travel the Loop in the future so this is a great experience for them to see what traveling the east coast is like.  For those of you who have travelled this area, know, that it is among the most intimidating portion of the loop as a large part is on the outside (Atlantic ocean) not necessarily bad, just much different than the protection of the ICW or the inner rivers.

 Each night when Jim has SweetPea tied up for the night he usually calls or e-mails me to let me know where he is and how the days journey was.  Usually my question is "how are Terry and Charlene handling it" his answer to this question is "Oh, their fine" he says that they are great to travel with, very helpful and pretty low maintenance.  WOW what more could you ask for?  At the end of each day Terry gets out the hose, boat soap and bucket. Jim has had to resort in kicking them off the boat to "GO check out the area, have fun, be back before midnight and don't bring home any strangers."   

Generally, the weather has not been bad and Jim is very patient in waiting on good weather and is less likely to get caught off guard, I however, am alot less patient with this area and I tend to be much more destination oriented, though I have gotten better, Jim may not agree though. *smile*

So, all is well on SweetPea, they are now on their way to Belhaven NC having left Alligator River this morning.  If weather stays good they are maybe 3 travel days to Myrtle Beach (Barefoot Resort and Marina) where the boat will remain for at least a month but maybe until after the first of the year.  Time will tell.

Side note: While Jim was docked at Norfolk Waterside someone came by the boat, since Jim had turned in for the night he didn't know who it was but was curious and hoped he would find out via an e-mail, he is still wondering who stopped by.

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