Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby its cold outside!

Jim is in SC with SweetPea and I am STILL in Massachusetts its 32degrees here this morning, Dam its cold!  In Myrtle Beach the low temps there will be our high for the day.  ARGGG!  I hope to be heading down that way in the next week or so. 

We need a new dinghy!  When Jim left Ma. he left without our dinghy I was not happy about him being without a dink especially since he had planned to anchor out along the way, but there just was not enough time to address the problem, so we are now looking into some different options.  We have had SweetPea for 2 1/2 years and have now been through 2 dinks, I guess we are not meant to own an inflatable so our options are......

We have been looking at something or anything that does not deflate so far we are very interested in a bullfrog which looks like a RIB but is a hard surfaced but foam based, the problem we are having with this is the cost of shipping it from the west coast.  There are other manufacturers of this type of boat but they are either lower quality and not UV protected or outrageously expensive or both.  Then there is a Boston Whaler, which we have dreamed of but, it will mean changing our davit system which is another added expense plus we are limited to size and weight of course.  So the search is on for an 11 foot Whaler without a console not an easy task I will add.  Yes there are other options, but these are the 2 we are looking into now.  After all, when you are a long term cruiser your dink IS the family car.  If you or someone you know has an 11 foot Boston Whaler and would like to sell it let us know.  FYI it needs to be an older model as the newer ones are much heavier.  And a 9 footer is too small for us and a 13 footer is too big for SweetPea.

Thank You to Terry and Charlene for lending a hand with SweetPea in getting her to SC.  We hope you enjoyed the 1000 mile trip Jim could not of done it by himself, we hope to see you again.

Make sure you VOTE today and when you are standing in line remember you live in the greatest country on earth!  But also remember that their are many people who because of Sandy are homeless and living without electricity and heat with the temperatures dropping and more wind and rain on its way. 
Consider giving a donation or blood to the Red Cross @ http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations

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Anonymous said...

Mike is on the hunt for a Boston Whaler for you guys. We are really happy with ours. Lots more room than our last dink.

Hope to you see you soon somewhere!! Stay warm!

aboard Nautinell in Marathon FL