Thursday, May 17, 2012

We made it to Atlantic City NJ

The Golden Nugget Marina

We made it!  I got to say the Captain and I were not sure if traveling today was a good idea but we thought we would poke our nose out there and take a looksey.  It really was not bad, well that bad, the worst was probably turning into the inlet for AC, we had been taking it on the nose all day but entering AC it was extremely beamy.  Three boats left with us from Cape May and everyone is here safe and sound.  We heard some chatter going on from a group of boats traveling the NJ ICW among them was OooPik, we traveled the Mississippi River, Ohio River, Cumberland and Tennessee River with Bruce and Karen but when we got to Demopolis he suffered a heart attack and went back to Canada for 3 months, we were so happy to hear from him and to hear he is alive and kickin.  It sounds as though the group doing the inside route are comprised of mostly loopers (gold) from past years and as we listen to them along the way I know the captain is very happy he chose the Atlantic to travel.  We will see what stories they have to tell when they get in here.

The pictures of the day.......

Leaving Cape May

 Hello Atlantic City

This white building is the coast guard station a beautiful old building.
FYI for those coming this way in the next couple of weeks, although not advertised in Skipper Bob or any of the other books, the Golden Nugget is $2/ft until the end of May verses the $4/ft advertised.

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Summer Wind said...

oopik and Meander are tucked in over at the Brigatine Anchorage. There was a train of approx. 8boats parading from Margate bridge to Atlantic City. It was slow go and a long day. We're not sure what everyone is doing but it looks like we're doing the inside again. Look for a red flare if the green head flies come in on an attack... sheesh