Friday, May 18, 2012

Sitting at the dock of the Bay

Yes we are still in Atlantic City waiting for the waves to settle down some.  We have decided that once we get moving again if weather permits, we may do an overnight er, we are sooo close, yet sooo far.  But as always the seas are in charge.  We were surprised as to how many boats left this morning heading north that we started second guessing ourselves but then when boats started rolling in the reports of the sea conditions were not pleasant.

Today is Friday and I was also hoping to finalize our slip for our summer back in New England and I am happy to report, we WILL be back at our homeport of Westport MA on the beautiful Westport River after being away for nearly 18 months.  Our second choice was not a bad spot but not where we really wanted to be.  We are now signed up as Harbor Hosts so everyone who has plans to cruise New England this summer e-mail us we would love to welcome you into our harbor.  I will post more about Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island in future entries. We have also become members of MTOA and would like to invite all MTOA members in our area to stop by and grab a mooring ball or $lip.  We may not be on the loop but we will try to stay IN the loop.

We have some cruise plans already in motion for the summer we are hoping to get to Provincetown at the tip of the Cape for fiesta week in August the Tall ships will be in Newport RI on the 7th of July and we are planning a trip to Bristol RI for the 4th of July for the oldest 4th of July parade in the country.  Then there's the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket which are just a hop, skip and a jump away from Westport.  So we will have plenty to entertain us and alot of stuff that needs to get done on our home which I don't even want to think about right now.  And a car that I am sure is dead in the driveway right now.  Wheelsssssssssss that will be something new for us!  And yes Capt Chappy, the lawn mower also has 4 wheels. Yuck enough of that.   

So today I am posting some pictures of our "homeport"....Westport Point Ma.

And the best part fun and Lazy Jamicans with family and friends, digging quahogs (hard shell clams) littlenecks, oysters, and New Englands lobster ......ok maybe I am ready to go home!
But first we need to get out of NJ!


Bob and Denise said...

It will be good to see you again when you hve settled in. The weather is suppose to be nice this weekend. Lets hope that the seas are as well.

Summer Wind said...

We heard from cruising friends that left this morning and the swells were big at first. They have settled somewhat. Tomorrow looks possibly better but the winds shift more easterly so could be rough again,,, yikes. Tall ships heading into NYC on the 23rd-30th. Should be a great show!

Ralph Yost said...

We are also in A.C. getting ready to head north. We are at a dock in Snug Harbor, across from the State Marina. You pass next to Kammerman's to into this harbor.
We'll be leaving here Wed May 23 but probably going up inside since they are forecasting EASTERLY winds. East is not a good ride in the ocean here.

kathleen said...

Holy Crap! I want to be part of YOUR family!! Oh wait a minute!! I AM! Hi Dale, it's your cousin Kathleen out in Colorado :-)

Was hoping to update the family tree and wondering if you're a Grandmother yet!?

Drop a note!!