Thursday, May 24, 2012

NYC to the East River and onto Hell's Gate

Heading out of Atlantic City

We finally are moving up the coast of NJ in dense fog, but the seas were a gentle 3-4' nice rollers, we left Atlantic City on Wed am and travelled a whooping 110 miles through NYC and down the East River through Hells Gate.

The fog was so thick all of a sudden this was in front of us.

And this some heavy duty dredging

This is what the chartplotter looked like entering NYC harbor, you can see SweetPea on the lower right handside of the screen, we took a little different route than we had in the past.  The Tall ships were in the harbor as well as it being Fleet week so there were many military ships in and around the city.  As well as the normal traffic of ferries and sightseeing vessels.

A site to behold! 

Manhattan skyline
To see many photos of our 1st trip through NYC
This was our trip through NYC and up the Hudson River on the loop

Some of the tall ships

NYC Empire State Building
as seen from the East River a little different view of the city from the eastside as all the loopers go up the Hudson River

I have this thing about bridges so here are a few, again from the east river.
The Brooklyn Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge

The Roosevelt Bridge

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Pam and Dave said...

Wow, you guys are flying! You're headed to LI Sound? If so, and if you're looking for someplace "affordable" in the western part of the Sound, consider Seaview House Marina in Stamford. We kept Drift Away there. It only offers docks and no other services, but the people are friendly and there is a grocery store and restaurants within walking distance.