Friday, May 25, 2012

Part 2 of our 110 trek from AC to Long Island Sound

This is just one of the quaint homes on the Bay
Wed May 23rd continued........
Once through NYC we took a starboard turn onto the East River and through Hell's Gate to this point it was 90 miles went pretty well though it was probably a bit much after such a long day and we still traveled on another 20 miles, it was exhausting. 
We travelled to Manhasset Bay/Port Washington NY where we grabbed a mooring ball which are owned by the town, best of all they are FREE!  This is a beautiful harbor with many restaurants nearby shopping of just about anything you need, the town also operates a water taxi that runs from 8am to 10pm and to our surprise it was operating pre Memorial Day weekend.  The moorings are free for 2 days during the week and are 1 night free on weekends but they can be rented for $25 if you wish to extend you time there (the town mooring balls are Yellow there is 20 of them).  The water taxi is $8/person for a round trip ride and they will take you anywhere you wish to go in the harbor, this is a very large harbor, the town also operates a pump out boat we did not need it so I am not sure how much that is. 
This is a wonderful stop and it looks like a great place to spend some time though we just spent one night.

Another cozy cottage

We left this nice quiet anchorage on Thursday with hopes to make it to Westbrook CT a 78 mile day, we waited a couple of hours for the fog to lift a bit and headed out once again at 9am.
IT started out with the predicted 1-2' seas but was real snotty by 1pm it was more like 3-4' with a few 5' thrown in , once again things started flying around the boat we called it quits and headed into Milford CT shortening our day almost in half. 
 Oh no, its Memorial Day weekend the start of the boating season here in the northeast, we had hoped more than 2 weeks ago to be safely tucked into our marina back home by now.  We are very lucky they had a slip for us here but they told us, for only one night as the marina is booked for the long weekend! 

It is now Friday morning and the weather report does not look very pleasant, luckily they had a cancellation and a slip has opened up so we will be here for another night. Tomorrow is looking very nice and we are hoping (praying) to leave early and burn some major fuel so we can get into Westport 90 miles, tomorrow (Saturday).  Wish us luck, and we hope the fog is not too bad.
To Bob and Denise traveling yesterday was just like last time (Oct 10th 2010) but with fog!.............. "boating is fun"


m/v Erika Lin said...

Something is telling you to keep traveling...reminds me of a song "did they ever return, no they never returned and their fate is still unlearned. They may sail the waters of the eastern coast, they're the boat that never returned!"

Stay safe!!

Bob and Denise said...

I hope you make it back home tomorrow. It always seems that the closer you get to home the longer it takes to get there.

Anonymous said...

Hope you make it home soon! I know that lawnmower is waiting! We're still waiting out the storms in Marsh Harbor. See you this Fall??!!

Mike and Twyla