Monday, May 28, 2012

We made it ! Finally! Our homeport Westport Point MA

We left bright and early 8am, we moved over to the fuel dock we had enough fuel but as Jim said, today its Ball to the wall!  The weather today (Saturday) is was suppose to be the best of the weekend so in order to not have to hold up again I agreed to the Balls thingy!
In order for us to hit Westport Ma it was a 95 mile day and since we wanted to fuel up which meant waiting for the Milford Boat Yard to open up, we were their first fuel sale of the season and their first pumping of Valvetec, 200 gallons later off we went.  FYI diesel $3.99/gal cheapest price we could find in CT and NY. and its Valvetec!

 John and Sue aboard Mach Turtle came over for a visit when they saw the AGLCA burgee they are also members.
I love the name, though from TX they now reside in CT.
Leaving Milford CT

It was a pleasant day of travel though be it a long one, we made it to Westport at 5pm.
I am having problems loading photos so when we get to the house I will load in more.


Bob and Denise said...

Congrats on making it home. You have been gone a long time. Hope to see you guys sometime before you head out again.


Congratulations! Happy to hear you made it safe and sound! Looking forward to more pics. Rest, relax and enjoy land life before you start the packing up process! Good Luck

m/v Erika Lin said...

Glad to hear you made it home, congrats!! We hope to be back in Mystic the week of June 11th, but then again, the weather rules! Hope to see you guys this summer.