Thursday, May 10, 2012

Remembering that looper feeling

Hello again from Deltaville VA, yup you got it, we are still here and its looking like a go for tomorrow, the winds are finally starting to subside.  We are hoping to make up some lost time and travel 75 miles tomorrow instead of the 50 we have always travelled in this leg in the past.  So instead of our normal stop in the Solomon Islands which we have visited 2 times before we will shoot across the bay to the east side to the Cambridge, Oxford area.  We shall see what tomorrow throws at us.

I have read a couple blog updates from our newest looper friends who are finishing up at the AGLCA rendezvous, when they leave Norfolk more than likely they will be heading to Deltaville as its one of the next likely stops for them.  It really was nice to stop in for a couple days pre rendezvous in Norfolk to catch that looper fever again.  Remembering back just a year ago when we were starting out and that feeling of bonding and excitement of whats ahead.  I will admit we talked of staying for another day or 2 as we would of loved to hold on to that wonderful feeling but, this time is yours, and we look forward to reliving the loop and all its adventures though your blogs.  You are in for a truly wonderful year, take your time and remember to always stop to smell the roses.  The loop is like a series of funnels,you all start out together then wander off in different directions only to meet up again somewhere along the way, this happens throughout the loop. Remember you will never really be alone, and you will make new friends, some will last a lifetime.

The loop is a funny thing, in that it never really throws anything at you that your not prepared for, even if you may not know it at the time...........................ENJOY! 

We look forward to reading your blogs so blog away!!!!!!

And for the Loopers in the planning stage..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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