Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shame on us! We should know better.

The only picture I took of the day (how peaceful)

We arrived in Deltaville on a Monday from Norfolk and we were stuck there for 4 days.  UGGGG!  We finally took off for the Solomons 54 miles but were hoping for a longer day to make up some time.  Well it was in the top 3 for OMG days, it was terrible out there.  We should of know when 2 other boats were leaving in the morning and they had one hell of a time just getting off the docks.  Irish Rover was one and he did make it.  The other was Present Moment in front of us he couldn't get off the wall so since we were on the end Jim backed off and powered it up off we went. But it took a great deal of power, glad we had it.  It was one of those days that you sit.  You don't get up to go to the head, you don't get up to make lunch, you just hold on.  The words for the day were ..... Hold on!  Here comes another one!  Other than that not much else was said it was very quiet on the upper helm.  But we made it through and actually made it to the Solomons and very happy to be there.  The last 2 hours of our 7 hour day were wayyyyy better the seas calmed down and we could once again move around.  Since we were not expecting it to be so rough we didn't properly prepare the boat and when Jim came up from below all he said is ....You do not want to go down there!  Of course I did and OMG what a mess.  But we were safely tied to a dock and the clean up began.

*Note to self.....your not on the ICW anymore, pick your days.

Today the only waves we had were from other boats

The next day was very nice and we made up time and travelled almost 100 miles.  A very long day but worth it. 
We are hoping to cross the Delaware Bay tomorrow to spend Mothers Day in Cape May.  I was hoping to spend Mothers Day at home with my daughter but it was not meant to be.  Ashley we love you and will see you in a week or so, hopefully.


Bob and Denise said...

So true about the mighty Chesapeke Bay. You really appreciate the ICW.

Pam and Dave said...

I hate it when that happens. We also pick our days. Our upper limits are 3 foot waves and/or 15 knots of wind. We also have a rule that if one of us doesn't want to leave, we don't leave. This is supposed to be fun, right?

Of course, now we're firmly implanted in Savannah, so we don't leave anymore anyway. :)

Sweet Pea said...

Those are our rules as well but NOAA or NOAAI (not offering any accurate info) was NOAAI