Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Somethings just can't be rushed

We are currently in Deltaville at Doziers Regatta Point, we got here on Monday and its now Wed. and here we sit.  The weather on the Bay has been very windy and the seas are 3-4 ft today (on the bay) ! 
When we left Norfolk on Monday it was very choppy at Hampton Roads the waters very confused I knew that my insistence to get moving was coming back to bite me, Jim surprisingly, did not give me an "I told you so" but pushed on trying to find a speed in which we could travel in some kind of comfort.  Once we rounded the Hampton Roads area past Old Point Comfort and Fort Wool it really was choppy all the way to the Lighthouse were we made a starboard turn it got much better. 
We are hoping to move on tomorrow as the winds subside, from here the bay will begin to get narrower giving us a bit more protection.  If all goes as "planned" we will travel around 75 miles which will put us about 70 miles from Chesapeake City, and with any luck, we will get on the free wall for the night before crossing the Delaware Bay to Cape May NJ.
This will be the 3rd time doing this part of the trip we have never spent less than 3 days at Doziers and the same goes for Cape May.  For the loopers who will be leaving the rendezvous Doziers does a stay 2 nights 3rd night free after rendezvous or at least they did last year and its only $1.25/ft.  Theres a pool here a nice boaters lounge and 3, yes 3 courtesy cars and 2 West Marines within 1 mile, if you want a place to dine try The Galley next to the first West Marine.

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