Saturday, April 14, 2012

Traveling the east coast of Florida to Georgia

Since I lasted blogged we have been in Daytona, St Augustine, Jacksonville and now we are in St. Mary's Georgia.  Tomorrow if weather permits, we are hoping to get to St Simon's GA.  There are so many places we have not seen in GA even though we have traveled through this area twice before, but we are destination driven right now and we have 1500 miles to go.  We can spend more time when we come through in the fall.  Georgia is such a beautiful state and we particularly love the marshlands.

Sunset in St Augustine

Flamingo alert... click on photo to enlarge it's in the center

WOW he's far from home, Istanbul!

We thought it was a dead head but as we got closer ..... it's a Gator!

Brown Eyed Girl (from Ohio) and Passport (from MI)on our tail, we left them at St Augustine as they were staying one more night.  We may not see them again as we head home at a faster pace !  We have traveled on and off with them since Michigan they are about half looped now.

We are now in St Mary's GA we have been here once before and thought it a very nice town so we revisited.  The waterfront is very well done, they have many restaurants and small shops.  Very boater friendly and much more quaint than Fernandina Fl, though we like it there as well.

More of the waterfront, they had entertainment this evening and we didn't have to leave the boat. Live music with our cocktails.

SweetPea is at the end of this dock which is located on the waterfront. The docks in Georgia are loooong as their tides are BIG 8 foot tides in some areas. 

Yes he's real and he's got a girl friend inside there with him.  It's Spring!