Sunday, April 15, 2012

Georgia on my mind

We were up and out of St Mary's around 8am our next destination being Brunswick GA just 32 miles away.  Not really sure why we planned a short day but here we are.  We have stayed at the Morning Star marina (St Simon Island) in the past but we have heard wonderful things about Brunswick Landing so we chose it for the night.  I guess we failed to plan properly today, being a Sunday, the town of Brunswick was completely shut down.  Dang, at least at Morning star they have a courtesy car.  Oh well, you would think that people who have been doing this cruising thing for almost a year and a half would have figured these things out, NOT! 
Tomorrow we will be heading to Kilkenny Creek 60 miles hopefully to anchor, this will also set us up to jump outside if the weather permits, this means traveling on the Atlantic ocean verses the ICW which is much faster as long as the wind and waves are minimal.  We shall see when the time comes.

I forgot to mention another reason for some of our looper friends to maybe consider St Mary's as a stop.  This is a great place to take a ferry to the Cumberland Island which is a must do thing!  Cumberland Island is where the wild horses are as well as a beautiful beach on the other side a very enjoyable walk, also there is an old mansion and a chapel where John Kennedy Jr got married. 
So for those who choose not to anchor you can get the ferry out of St Mary's.  For others its a great anchorage for a night or 2. 

I personally think the marshlands of Georgia are so beautiful, which is a good thing as there is plenty of it to see on the waterway, from Ga though the Carolina's.  I just can't seem to capture the beauty of the Marshes in a photo though, but I will keep tryin.

The not so good thing about Georgia is the huge tide swings, this sailboat on the inside of the dock is now sitting on the mud.  Sometimes its just to easy for the boat to find the bottom with shoaling due to the swift currents and extreme tides.  But thanks to helpful sites such as active captain
 the crusiers net
and of course trusty old Skipper Bob
there is lots of great info out there to help with waterway warnings, alerts etc.

Standing on the waters edge,  in about 6 hours it will be filled in with water again.

Just a paddling away

Ahhh the end of another wonderful day on the water.

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