Saturday, April 28, 2012

The last 2 weeks half sitting and waiting half moving

On our way to Beaufort SC actually we landed at Port Royal SC just across the way from Beaufort since we have been to Beaufort in the past we thought we would try a different stop this time.  Port Royal was a fine choice they have a nice little  restaurant located right on the property the Back Porch good food very reasonable, they also have 2 courtesy cars (pickups) so we scouted out the area and went to Public's to restock on essentials IE milk bread, veggies etc. and took a ride over to Beaufort Historical Area and had lunch.
Shrimping season has begun and we are seeing many boats it can be a bit intimidating when you come across one of these guys in the ICW on a tight turn, especially with their booms down.

We anchored off of this dock for the night it was located next to an inlet for an easy trip to the outside run if the weather is good.
up early the weather is suppose to be good for an outside trip up to Beaufort.  It was a bit bumpy heading out of the inlet but once out there is was a nice trip.

Charleston SC to read more about Charleston and other stops in the area visit...

We came into the Maritime Center along with Raydiance there were 4 other loopers here as well.  Due to the winds we ended up here 4 days instead of the 2 schedualed

Charleston is a huge port of call for cruise ships and cargo, I want one of these slides on SweetPea but then we would need a much bigger boat!

When we left Charleston we traveled with Gold Leaf a couple days they are also loopers and about half looped Carl and Glenda began their loop in St Louis Mo but are from Iowa.  We traveled with them to Georgetown and Myrtle Beach.

We are now in NC anchored at Mile Hammock Bay we had planned to anchor here which was a good thing as the ICW was shut down most of the day in the Camp LeJeune area as the military was having live fire maneuvers.  Here are the pictures of the day.

Tomorrow morning we head out to River Dunes in NC.

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