Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back in the US moving North

It was a great day for a crossing really could not of been any better. 

This was our buddy boat, No Snow they are from Ottawa, we first met Ron, Donna and Winnie in Stuart. They travelled over to the Bahama's a week ahead of us. And here we are 5-6 weeks later crossing back to the states with them.  Yup that's what cruising is all about, its amazing to me how you keep seeing the same boaters over and over. 

It was a beach day for sure 90 degrees

When we were rounding Peanut Island we came across these floating Tiki huts some with pool slides on them and large grills, I bet that they are a fun place to party!  The houseboat is actually a restaurant if you enlarge it (Click on any photo) you will see "they deliver"  

We spent the night actually 2 nights at Lake Park marina it was quite nice and the company even better,  we had never heard of this marina but it was where No Snow was  going so we tagged along.  The next day Ron had rented a car and took us along with them to US customs to check in.  At the customs office (which was located in the cruise ship terminal) we met up once again with most of the boats that had left the West End and crossed over the day before.  I must say. checking in was a little painful in that the officer was a bit of a d**k it was not a proud moment being an American amongst Canadians, British and New Zealanders.  Yes they have a job to do, but there was NO reason other than being in the power position to treat these people as poorly as he did.  They all had their papers, cruising permits, visas etc, there was just no reason for them to be treated so poorly, I felt badly.  But all is done, we are back and of course the officer had to bust us as well, but everyone was good to go. 

Ron and Donna we hope you have a great time visiting your friends on the west coast and have a save and fun trip back to Ottawa and we hope to see you again next winter.

Hmmm you just never know what you will see.  A flying dinghy?

The Juniper lighthouse

People and their owners a day on the water

What is that!

Hmmm .....OK?

The little tug,  I couldn't see a name on this one but there is a small tug up north further named TOOT TOOT!

They are back, while in the Bahamas we saw Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, Sharks, Flying fish and some very large fish jumping from the water like 4' long but we only saw 1 dolphin.

Yesterday on the way to Cocoa Beach Fl this guy put on quite a show.

Since we are back in Florida we stopped in Fort Pierce one of our favorite stops, If you can, plan on a Friday night and Saturday night stay here, They have entertainment starting on Friday and on Saturday the BEST farmers market.  The town is right off the Municipal Marina as is all the activities.  Also on Sunday they close down one of the streets in town and its Bike day, motorcycles are lined up on the street.

We are now at Cocoa Village Marina and will remain here for the Easter weekend along with us is Passport and Brown Eyed Girl.  Last year we made the mistake of traveling, the ICW was nusts!  Cocoa Village is a very nice and friendly marina located in the village with many small shops and alot of nice restaurants to chose from.  They also have a local theater and on Sunday we have tickets for Titanic the play.  Also this weekend is the surfing festival on Cocoa Beach.

Happy Easter everyone!  SweetPea we love you and will be home in a few weeks.


Bob and Denise said...

Glad to see you back in the USA.
Happy Easter to guys and your family

m/v Erika Lin said...

Welcome back!! Currently we are in St. Augustine at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor. Plan is to leave tomorrow and head on to Fernandina Beach.

Sailor Sandee said...

Awesome dolphin pics! ya did good :)