Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All is well at Green Turtle Cay

We have been here now for 3 days and the with the winds still a blowin, it could be a few more days, but we have lots of company, when we arrived there were a half a dozen boats here now, the place is just about full.  We are on a program they call docking for dollars where you can eat your dockage, you pay which ever is higher your food bill or your dockage, our dockage will be free. And as someone else here said, we hope to be rolling out of here soon. 

When I last posted I wrote about losing power on a windy crossing from the Great Sale Cay to GTC, well its all fixed,  I had visions of the USD flying freely out the porthole and or the possibility of being laid up forever waiting for parts to be shipped from one of the other islands or the states.  Well all it cost was a little bit of the captains pride?  Priceless!   When we were in Stuart alot of small maintenance issues were addressed and when the captain was fixing a pump he separated the cranking battery from the house batteries which means, while we were running the house batteries were not being charged.  Hence all the low voltage lights and loss of power, problem solved.

Finding a private beach is very easy here

Picnic area in town

We had cocktails at Lizards  

We ran into Evelyn,Sid,Ginny and Craig

We went over to the Bluff House and ran into....

Garth, Kathy and Zeke, its a small island

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