Monday, March 12, 2012

Guana Cay / Nippers

The beach from Nippers at Guana Cay
A WOW moment

Follow the sand path to the Atlantic side of the island to Nippers Beach Bar

Of course what would an island bar be without it own pool
And music, drinks and dance we also took the dinghy over to Grabbers
another Island beach bar on the Sea of Abaco side but didn't take the camera
along so today we will head over there to check it out further and take some photos.
This tractor is along the path to Nippers (for you Zac)
This is the view from the deck at Orchid Bay Marina

Jim kicking back enjoying the view before we head back over to Nippers.  We discovered that the BareFoot Man will be here next weekend which also is St. Patty's Day weekend so we decided to hang out in the area to attend the event.  He is quite a draw on the islands being the Jimmy Buffet of the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

This morning Passport, Brown Eyed Girl and Something Special left here for Marsh Harbor so we will be traveling alone for awhile. They will be spending another 3 weeks in the Bahamas but on a different schedule than us. We enjoyed traveling with them on and off since Michigan, 7 months ago and hope to see them again on the east coast in a couple of months as they head north to complete their loops.

Sadly when we left Green Turtle we also left behind our friends and crossing buddies Kathy, Garth and Zeke on Algonquin, we crossed the Gulf of Mexico with them and our first meeting was back in June in Norfolk.  They completed their loop a couple of weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale but need to return to Canada for awhile and we hope to also see them again in the future.  Maybe in Canada eh?


Pam and Dave said...

Great pics,as usual. I think Jim is looking a little too relaxed, eh? :)

Bob and Denise said...

I never get tired of those views of the beautiful blue waters.