Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Turtle Cay

SweetPea on anchor at Great Sale Cay

It is looking like we will be here for a week since there is quite the blow going on here and it is to continue for at least the next few days. We have rented a golf cart to do some site seeing so we will have a great opportunity to really see the island and experience the local favor.

But I am getting ahead of myself,  We spent the night (Friday) on anchor with 14 other boats at Great Sale Cay and although it was quite breezy it was a very enjoyable night.  Once we all got settled in we met on the beach for cocktails had dinner and turned in as tomorrow was to be an early day.  The wind is to pick up and we need to travel 60 miles to the marina.
The next morning we were up and off just after 6am.  The seas were quite choppy for the first couple of hours but that was just the beginning of an unsettling day for us.  About an hour or so out as we were whipping side to side we lost our autopilot, then the depth finder flat lined, Jim ran down below to find out that our batteries were not charging and we had low voltage lights on and we were losing power.  NOT good, he let the others know of our situation and went down below to see that he could do, he started up the generator and tried to see what the problem was but the seas were to rough for him to do much of anything and I was at the upper helm and he was worried about me handling the boat in not the best of conditions. He shut down anything that was not essential for navigation to save power and returned to the helm we made it to the marina 4 hours later the wind continued to pick up as the day progressed and we were very happy to be tied to the dock.  Being a weekend we will have to wait until Monday to see if we can get the parts needed or if they will have to be ordered.  More about that tomorrow.  The wind is suppose to clock around today and with 50 percent chance of showers  and winds reaching 50 mph.

Ahhh life is good!  (tied to a dock)

Here are some photos of the last couple of days.

Algonquin and Passport heading to Great Sale Cay

Something Special, Brown Eyed Girl and Algonquin on anchor at Great Sale Cay

Cocktails on the beach

Relaxing after another long travel day

Sunrise leaving the anchorage

Our wheels while we are here

nice set up

We ran into Ginny and Craig (brown eyed girl) in town so......

We stopped to sample the bakery with them

We took a left and followed a sand path to this beautiful view

Downtown New Plymouth


Ashley said...

The water looks gorgeous. I can't want to see more pictures posted. You're photography skills have improved mom. Love you!

Pam and Dave said...

Great pics! I love the color of the water, and the sunset photos are fabulous!

Bob and Denise said...

Life on the boat would be boring without a little excitement once in a while. Hope the repairs won't hurt too much.