Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heritage Harbor to Henrys

Sunset at Heritage Harbor

The plan for an early start was foiled by fog in the morning. we didn't get out until almost 9:30


After nearly 40 miles we pulled into our new home for the night.  This is an abandon lock wall we tied up on.  It is the oldest lock wall on the Illinois River.

A bit rough but its history, these rocks were laid here almost 140 years ago.  Imagine the stories they could tell.

Evelyn and Sid kicking back on the wall, as we plan for dinner at the restaurant/bar.

No, I made no donations to the decor today.

The next morning it was foggy once again, but not nearly as bad as the morning before, so we headed out to our next stop, Tall Timber Marina.

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Anonymous said...

OH come on I wanted to try and pick yours out!! miss you guys..please contact me when you r around again