Monday, September 12, 2011

Illinois River Southbound to Joilet IL and beyond

This is at the crossroads where the Calamet and Illinois River meet

Ok .....We now consider ourselves warned, we will not be swimming here thank you.
Our first night on the Illinois River was a FREE wall in Joilet
We planned to leave bright and early but the fog held us up until 9:30 ugh! we were up and ready at 6am
We have seen lots of duck blinds along the way. 

Sad to see one less marina on a river that already has a shortage
Now this is a nice houseboat.

Goodluck getting a fish out of these lily pads

Our 2nd night was at the Heritage Harbor this marina is very accommodating to loopers as the sign says.  They also have a courtesy car here.  We liked it so much we stayed 2 nights.

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