Wednesday, September 14, 2011

tie ups to Abandoned wall, docks and Barges! OH MY...

Not alot to see along the way a few houses, lots of trees and barges though.
The barges are loaded with asphalt, bark mulch, salt, sand, stone, pig steel, grain, crushed stone and other unmentionables.  They are being transported from other plants on this river or the Mississippi as well as the Gulf ports.
Honey I'm home!  We tied to a barge for the night quite an experience.
Took a walk into town, (Beardstown that is) 88 more miles to our next stop Grafton Il.
We all had lunch at the local Elks lodge in Beardstown,  something new for our Canadian friends aboard SomethingSpecial.  Nope, no Elks in Canada, but they are the home of the Moose Lodges.  A good time was had by all.

Isn't he cute................this is Skipper he's just 12 weeks old he's a Portuguese Water dog.  His master picked him up along the way and have had him for 3 weeks.  He's Canadian as well.  We met him at his new home aboard MyWay for cocktails.

Hmmmm Not really sure

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Pam and Dave said...

It's Big Foot! You found the proof he exists! It's worth millions. You saved it, right?