Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trenton to Peterborough Ont.

Its been 5 days without Internet so here goes...

We left Trenton on Saturday morning as planned Ashley (our daughter) is now aboard.  We spent our first night on the Trent-Severn on a lock wall at lock 10,  that's alot of locking and only traveled 28 miles.  It was nice to have an extra person aboard for locking especially for the captain.  It was a nice quiet stop very isolated.

The next morning we went through locks 11 and 12 and had a quick stopover at Cambellford for ice and photo op.  We continued on and spent the night at Hastings total 8 locks for the day and again only traveled 23 miles.  We were surprised to find NautiNell on the lock wall at Hastings along with 2 other loopers, Simple Interest and Happy Hours V another nice stop.  In fact we liked it so much we spent 2 days,  they have a LCBO (Liquor Beer Store) and a few restaurants as well as 2 ice cream shops.  There is also a hardware store, bank and post office.  It was quite warm while we were there so we tested the waters,  surprisingly warm. While we were here Jim decided to get a fishing license as it is Fish haven, well it seems everywhere we are traveling.  Unfortunately the store that sells fishing licenses closed the weekend earlier so that was put off.  We then decided to take the dink down and go for a ride but the engine was acting up, Jim was lucky enough to find someone to come and pick up the motor and service it the same day so we could move on.

 The next day we crossed Rice Lake with NautiNell only 1 lock today and we landed at Peterborough on another lock wall west side of lock 19 Scott Mills.  Again a warm day requiring a dip before taking the dink down and head across Little Lake (really little) to Peterborough and tie up to NautiNell who was on a town dock in the Harbour.  We walked into town had lunch and ran into Inconceivable(Fallons) on the way back to the dink.  Since the Fallons were on their dink and ours was work really well the guys decided to have a little race.  Well, I knew they would win as they had alot less weight in their dink but .......we ended up getting swamped we got soooo wet, the PFD's inflated and Jims ego was maybe a bit bruised.  But, wait till next time when only Jim is in the dink it could be a closer race. 
This sign on the waterway informs boaters of the services available in town.
We decided to take advantage of some of the services in Cambellford
Cambellford photo op. this is a Canadian coin known as a tooney

The Canadian park service does an excellent job with the maintenance
This was really cool, the waterway goes right into town between to roads.

When the motor stalled it was not a BIG deal until... Jim turned around and saw he was drifting towards the cables that rope off boaters to the dam.
I have never seen a black squirrel before, but thats what they have here.
NautiNell was leading the way but as we were approaching a tricky and very narrow channel he let us take the lead.  What a guy! We had the charts for the area.
You never know whats around the next bend.
Jim taking a dip, the water was very warm.
Ashley on the Peterborough Trail and bike path SweetPea in the background at the marina. (the one with all the fenders hanging down) ugh!

The next morning we moved over to the marina by 9am to plug in, take on water, get a pumpout and check out the city  (Population 80,000.)  We ended up seeing the new Harry Potter movie in 3D it was really good.  We walked back to the boat, I defrosted the fridge Jim went to the grocery store for water, ice and he picked up some fish.  Their is a concert tonight at the park right off the docks so we will be entertained.  Tomorrow we will head out, the next lock awaits and it is an interesting one to say the least its a lift lock.

I almost forgot to mention our uninvited 1am visitor at Hastings.  We were woken up at 1am by a big thud in the cockpit.  We all got up, Jim yelled get off my boat!  Outside there was a very drunk young (early 20's) girl, drunk as a skunk.  She wanted to know if we could have a party.  Jim repeated his last comment, as she stumbled off the boat and back on the wall, she said you can come party with us?  Jim just said Now stay off my boat.  Later I thought maybe he should of said,  the guy down on the first boat is having a party?  But then again, maybe not.  Mike was probably asleep as well.

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