Monday, July 25, 2011

July 21st Lakefield to Lovesick Lake Ontario

Today was extremely hot for Canada, in the 90's with lots of humidity and even hotter down in the locks with no air.  Lakefield marina was a pleasing site, we all took a swim as soon as we tied up for the night, since the water was so refreshing I thought it a good time to give a scrub down of the hull at the waterline.  Really I just didn't want to get out of the water, one side got done anyway.  This is a great stop,  there is a butcher shop, a deli with some gourmet items as well as a Greek restaurant which we ate at all a stones throw away.  
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On the lock walls as well as at this marina people can spend their vacations traveling in their small boats and camping out along the way, here 2 boats traveling together with children pitch the tents for the kids and the adults get to sleep on the boats.

90 degrees and dreaming of snow?

Private dock for your plane

Saint Peters On the Rock Anglican Church on the Hells Gate Passage.  You can only get to church by boat.

The scenery is getting prettier as we go through Hells Gate as promised,  they say this is what we have to look forward to in the Georgian Bay.

 Lock 30 (upper) Lovesick Lake Lock,  we spent the night here and the sunset was beautiful.  However, as warned in the cruising book the raccoons WILL be on your boat at night.  Make sure if you stop here to close all the hatches and windows.

The refection of the sunset on the buildings across the lake.

Jim doing double duty,  fishing and watching the sunset.

It was worth the visiting raccoons in order to have this spectacular view.

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