Monday, July 25, 2011

Fenelon Falls saved by Gold Loopers

Nice boathouse ay?

Busy busy at Bobcaygeon tight squeeze

Honey I'm HOME!

Cooling down in your back yard.

A great place for the kids to hang out and cool down.  We had fun watching them jump from the cliff.

It was a weekend and a hot one at that, all the marinas that could handle a boat our size were all filled up for the weekend and unfortunately for us the walls were as well.  Late in the day and no where to go as we were heading into Fenelon Falls we passed a gold looper dock to the side right before the falls we waved and continued on.   When we reached the lock that too was filled up, now what?  We got a call from the looper we had just passed they said the upper lock was filled as well BUT if we wanted we could raft up to their boat for the night with 50amp service as well!  As it turned out Barbara and Norm Newton had finished the loop in 2001, their boat Beta Omega a 42' Hatteras is on their dock at the house . We enjoyed the night with the great company of Norm and Barbara it was very generous of them to allow us to raft up to their boat.  They said we could stay as long as we wanted but it was time to move on.  As we were leaving in the morning they told us to tell our looper friends that if they are in the need of a dock for the night it is available. By the way anyone looking for a looper boat Beta Omega is for sale and she sure is pretty.  If you would like the phone number to reach Barbara and Norm e-mail me and I will send it along to you.

Beta Omega shes For Sale

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