Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 24th The Trent Canal and the Kirkfield hydraulic lift lock

                                                                            Whats ahead?
The Trent Canal, 6 miles long with a speed limit of 5 mph, believe me you will not want to go much faster as it is very narrow with overhanging trees and rock shelves lining the sides not much room for on coming traffic or drifting thoughts here.

Whats behind us,  Salt n Sand they are bigger and their draft (depth) is 1 foot deeper than SweetPea.  If you have a draft of 5' or more you have to sign a wavier to enter the Trent Canal.  We are 3'10" and Salt N Sand is 4' 8".

We made it out safe and sound, now we are at the marsh lands of Mitchell lake still keeping an eye out for deadheads (branches and debris sunken just below the waterline)

The Kirkfield hydraulic lift lock 2nd in size to the Peterborough, there are only 9 locks of this type ever built.  The other 7 are in England, France and Belgium.  This lock lifts or lowers 49' the Peterborough lifts or lowers 65',  I have got to say going down one of these locks is quite thrilling, when going down you enter the lock and it looks as though you are going right off the edge.  Here we watch Salt n Sand lock through they will drop 49' really quickly, as they go down the other tub or pan is coming up with boats from the otherside.  You can see we are at the same level as the boats before they drop.

Here they are still dropping.

And out they go.

Now its our turn!

We thought it was really cool.

The hole in the wall....yup we fit.

At the end of our day we spent a night at Sunset Cove Marina with Rich and Carol we ordered pizza and shared our days experience.  As it turned out Salt n Sand hit bottom 3 times along the way, theres the difference a 1 foot makes.

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