Friday, July 29, 2011

July 26 and 27th Lake Simcoe

July 26th
We moved from the marina in Sunset Cove to Lock 40 for the night in hopes to cross Lake Simcoe in the morning.  It was quite pleasant at lock 40 and no raccoons!  Jim spent the day fishing, Ashley spent the day reading, and I spent the day cleaning and watching Jim fish.  The Lake was reported to have 6' waves so we waited hoping it calms down for tomorrow.

July 27  Today is the Captains birthday
Crossing Lake Simcoe was a wonderful day for this trip the lake was calm and sunny.  Fueled up and pumped out once we got across as Orilla does not have these services.  The plan is to spend 2 days at Orilla Marina though it is stay 2 days get the 3rd for free we are hoping to make up some time. The time spent here will be restocking the galley and a ton of laundry.

July 28th and 29th
Will as it turns out we took advantage of the free 3 rd night stay.  This morning was stormy and we had not realised at the time that this is a holiday, civic day is monday and a long weekend for Canada. Sort of our Labor day weekend.  So once again we will  be traveling on a weekend as we need to get moving this one day on 2 days off is really killing our schedule but at least we were lucky to get a slip THIS weekend.  Tomorrow morning we will head out of Orilla and hopefully stay at a lock wall, ideally we are hoping to stay on the wall at the Big Chute.  If that doesn't work out we will either anchor out there or if time allows, we can head into Midland on Saturday.  Our reservations are for Sunday and Monday but the harbour master said he would make room for us even though its a busy long weekend. Bay Point Yachting Center, they are AGLCA sponsors and offer a loopers discount.  When I made the reservations for a slip I asked if they had laundry facilities (on site) as the last 2 places did not!  Orilla it was a 1/2 mile walk up hill to laundry and as I said I had a ton, well now its tons.  This is the first time we have had an issue in locating a convenient laundry.

hmmm they must know something about the weather

A storm is coming in, glad we stayed at the lock.  Hopefully Lake Simcoe will be calm tomorrow.

These nasty things are called Snappy's they are a version of a Hot Dog very popular in the Oswego area.  We did not like them a pork veal mix.  I had them in the freezer and when jim ran out of bait I sugguested he use them.  The fish didn't like them either.  Sorry Mike I was planning on serving them to you next time we saw you.

 just hangin tight at lock 40

This beautiful old boat was in the movie Absence of Malice with Paul Newman and Sally Fields.  This couple from New Zealand have a 2 year travel plan to take her around the east coast canals and rivers of Canada and the US.

Heading towards Lake Simcoe, train overhead on the railroad bridge

The Port of Orillia

Well that is a heck of a name for a band

Orilla is a nice stop lots of shops, they have a really good used book store,  a couple of ice cream shops, one right across the street from the marina a 24 hours grocery store just a block away the LCBO is right there as well and many resturants in town.  I highly recommend Studabakers for really good pub grub. Oh, there is also an excellent bakery in town as well.

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