Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trenton Ont. Canada

Still waiting for the Captain to return to Sweetpea with SweetPea, our daughter Ashley will be traveling with us for a month or so, she will be with us throughout Canada and into Michigan where she will fly out.  The boat (inside) has been rearranged to accommodate another person on board, not an easy task I might add.  But she has a full size bed, a place to keep her clothing and personal things, theres extra storage under her bed and a bookcase, with plenty of reading material and a reading light.  The thing about living on a boat is she is only 2 steps from the refrigerator and 3 steps from her bathroom (head).
The house and dog are being well taken care of in our absence so all is well.  I am hoping for them to arrive today, if not today then tomorrow for sure.

The weather has been great so far, sunny but breezy in the 80's. We had a quick shower yesterday so the humidity is wayyy down, which is good because, once we drop our lines and head out on the Trent-Severn Waterway most of our nightly stops will be on free, (sort of) docks and walls at the locks. 

We have so far, been through 23 locks on the Eastern Erie Canal of which 20 locks have raised us up a total of 372 feet and 3 have lowered us 57 feet.

On the Oswego Canal we have been through 7 locks all of which lowered us a total of 117 feet. 

The Trent-Severn is 240 miles and 43 locks and 2 lifts (more about lifts later), once we complete the Trent-Severn we will have been lifted an additional 852 feet.  And we will then be in the Georgian Bay!  WOW!  We are planning on 7 to 10 days to complete this leg of the journey to the Georgian Bay. I am figuring we will spend 20-25% of our travel time in locks.  Oh my......

                                     Nauti Nell
There goes yet another boat heading down the Trent-Severn and here I sit, waiting.

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Anne said...

Greetings Sweet Pea! Northern Symphony is finally back on her mooring at the Lunenburg Yacht Club! (Though we haven't moved back ashore yet.) I am doing some blog catch-up and enjoyed reading about your adventures in the Chesapeake, Cape May, and the canal system.

Best wishes to you all as you continue your Great Loop adventure.