Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heading into Canada

July 8th

We spent a couple days at Winter Harbour marina making sure everything is good for a crossing of Lake Ontario into Canada.  All Boat issues have been addressed to the Canadian standards.
We are now down to the Legal amounts of tobacco, plants etc.  Jim tossed my herb planter as it was too big to really sneek though if we are boarded, and the boat we are traveling with took the excess cigars  (the 2nd humidor) on their boat as they had no tobacco products.  So hopefully we will have no issues entering the country.  We believe we have all the proper documentation and other stickers, passes and paper work needed to clear customs. The postings will be fewer and pictures very limited while we are in Canada.

July 8th and  9th

We made the crossing on Lake Ontario and just as we were calling the Confederation Basin a boat with BLUE lights flashing was coming towards us......not a good sign.  We needed to show passports, and flares lifejackets etc.   All was good and on our way we went.  Customs was a phone call, answer the questions, show some ID and we were assigned our customs number.  Down came the quarentine flag and up went the Canadian flag, all is good.  We are now in Kingston for the Taste of Kingston thats happening this weekend, as well as the farmers market.  Tomorrow we head out with our newly purchased charts and books for cruising the Trent-Severn.  The plan is to anchor out tomorrow but we are not exactly sure where yet.

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Pam and Dave said...

Dumb question. Where do you fly a courtesy flag on a powerboat?