Monday, July 11, 2011

Crossing Lake Ontario entering Kingston July 8th and 9th

SweetPea docked at Winter Harbour Marina in Brewerton, NY they have 2 courtesy cars and a fantastic supermarket here, as well as West Marine, Walmart, Target etc.

Out for a joy ride!

Stopped in Phoenix just long enough to take pictures and wait for the lock to open.

Another nice lighthouse in NY, this one is located as you are entering Lake Ontario

About half way across Lake Ontario Jim broke out the quarantine flag which is required to flag as you enter Canada,  after you check in with customs you are then given a number to display on your boat which is your clearance #, you can then take down the quarantine flag and put up your Canadian courtesy flag.

Just as we were making the starboard turn to Kingston we got a call from the Canadian Welcome wagon.  They gave us a light show and everything, it really made us feel special.

Just a safety check Life jackets, flares, a few questions and ID.  They then wished us a nice and safe trip.
This is our first glimpse at Kingston, pretty nice ay?  I highly recommend a day or 2 here, and if you need Canadian charts or cruising guides this is a good place to get them.  The Confederation Basin is also recommended as to where to stay, its located in the downtown, right off the dock.

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