Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 2nd 3rd and 4th of July from NY

We spent 5 days in Sylvan Beach NY, seemed like a good place of the long weekend.  Jim decided to take the dinghy down and go for a ride.

Mike and Twyla came for a visit on their new wheels.

All dressed up!  Its happy hour and dinner out tonight.

July 3rd Capt. Chappy's Birthday!  It took all he had to blow out that candle.

July 4th on the Free wall,  fireworks tonight, a busy place indeed.  Better people watching than an airport.

The amusement park at the beach.

That little opening there is the entrance to the back cove, that is where our slip for the weekend is, good thing those branches were flexible there wasn't much room for SweetPea to fit in. 

This little tug was built with 10 sheets of plywood then fiber glassed it.  Cute isn't it he named it Moby Dick.

Goodbye to Sylvan Beach. 

Crossing Lake Oneida , NautiNell behind us.

Today was a short day, crossed the Lake (20 miles) and we were at our next destination, Winter Harbor, fueled up, pumped out and in our slips for the night.  They have a courtesy car here so out for dinner tonight and oil changes all around tomorrow morning.   And Jim has to put a new impeller on the outboard. 

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