Sunday, July 3, 2011

Steamboats-Debris-docking on lock wall

Coming out of a lock we saw a dozen of these small steamboats waiting to lock down

They are heading to Waterford visitors center for a steam boaters weekend for the 4th

Here is the Great Grand Daddy of Steamers.   110 year old steam tug Urger leads the flotilla,  flagship of the New York State canal system.

Some of the larger debris, you really need to stay alert! It could really ruin your day.

Inconceivable, Sunset2 and SweetPea waiting on Lock 19 to open the gates, it took some time as the lock master was trying to get some major debris out of the lock.

The New York Canal workers are trying to keep up with the removal.

 Inconceivable and SweetPea on the lock wall for the night.
 Heading into the largest single lift 40' with only ropes to hold onto it was work to keep the boat on the wall.
Its a tough job but someone has to do it.  The locks with a pipe or cable are the easiest, the captain enters the chamber and I wrap a line around the pipe, (in this one) and you enjoy the ride up in this case.  Having a line wrapped on a pipe keeps the boat on the wall as there are other boats in the lock with you just hold on and let line out as you reach the top.

You never know what you will see when you reach the top.  It is usually a visitors center or park where people come and watch the boats locking though.  The grounds are very well kept and some have beautiful historical buildings with picnic tables.  Some have walls before or after for you to tie up to and many you can spend the night if you wish too.  FREE no power or water but that is what the generator is for, the lock masters are very helpful and friendly.

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